Partial List of projects We have worked on

Initiatives and constitutional Amendments

South Dakota Save Our Secret Ballot Committee 

Collected 11,000 signatures in 2 weeks in South Dakota

South Dakota Small Investors Protection Act

collected 19,000 signatures in 1 month

Ohio Safety and Justice Alliance 
101,253 Signatures collected in 4 weeks on an Ohio Statewide Constitutional Amendment petition for Criminal Justice Reform. 

Clean Michigan Committee
62,548 Signatures collected on a Constitutional Amendment petition to make state legislators in Michigan part time legislators..

South Bay Labor Council

( Collected around 30,000 signatures on 2 city of san jose issues)


Fair & Equal Michigan - (2020) Anti-Discrimination Act

Collected approximately 320,000 signatures statewide to protect LGBTQ rights.

Presidential Ballot Access


Libertarian National Committee
55,422 signature to aid in placing the Libertarian party on the ballot as a recognized minor party in the State of Ohio.


Collected Signatures to place Rocky De La Fuente on the ballot for president in the democratic primaries in 2016 in 17 states

  • Mississippi

  • Michigan

  • North Carolina

  • New Jersey

  • Maryland

  • Kentucky

  • Mississippi,

  • Oregon

  • Rhode Island

  • Massachusetts

  • New Mexico

  • New York

  • Indiana 

  • Virginia

  • Wisconsin

  • Connecticut

  • Pennsylvania

Rick Santorum for President 2016 

1,998 signatures from republican voters in Virginia to help place Rick Santorum on the ballot for President 2016. 

Local Candidate Ballot Access

  • Dave Perkins for Wayne County Probate Judge( Michigan)

  • James Osak for judge 43rd district court 2018 and 2020 ( Michigan )

  • Dan Christ for 6th circuit Judge (Michigan)

  • Suzanne Geddis for 53rd district court ( Michigan )

  • Ken reeder for school board (Missouri)

  • Pete Dominici jr for governor ( New Mexico)

  • Brian Calley for governor ( Michigan) 

  • Sandy Pensler for US Senate ( Michigan)

  • Bill Gelineau for Governor Committee ( Michigan)

  • Chris Graveline for Attorney General (Michigan)

  • Tracy Lovvern -- Candidate for US Rep, MA District 2 ( Massachusetts) 

  • Jerry Hilliard -- Candidate for US Representative 4th District ( Michigan)

  • Earl Lackey - Candidate for US Representative 5th district -- (Michigan)

  • Frank Acosta- Candidate for US Representative  11th district--(Michigan)

  • Al Lemmo- Candidate for US representative 13th district--(Michigan)

  • Armand Velardo for Macomb County MI probate Judge - 2020 august election

  • George Lyons for judge in Michigan 12th district court ( jackson MI) 2020 august election

  • Imitez Syed for public Advocate of New York City

Get Out the Vote Efforts


  • First Choice Knocked 900,000 doors in Michigan for republican candidates in 1 month.

  • First Choice knocked 40,000 doors for republican candidates in Pennsylvania in 4 days.

  • First Choice Knocked 85,000 doors for republican candidates in South Carolina in 2 weeks.

  • First Choice Knocked 490,000 Doors for republican candidates in within the state of Georgia in 4 weeks time.


Marketing Projects

  • AT&T - We delivered 21,814 promotional flyers to houses in Kansas City Missouri and .Another 46,945 flyer in St. Louis Missouri.

  • .We have placed brochures in hundreds of thousands of businesses across the country to advertise non profit events to raise money. We have done this in 26 states,

  • We have managed dial by phone promotions doing surveys and opinion polls for political candidates and corporate client working in the charter schools industry.